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People. Ideas. Passion

PIP is a community driven event where stories inspire, conversations interweave and passion finds its voice. 

Our vision is to ignite passion through storytelling


Our mission is to empower people to connect more deeply with their own story, to find the value in their voice and the passion that can lead them to more purpose. 


PIP was started in Leah's living room, when she wanted to hear her friend talk about space. Seeing how he lit up when he shared fun facts he discovered on the topic made her want to listen, and to learn more about a subject she otherwise has no interest in. So some friends gathered to listen to each other share their stories, talk about their passion, and exchanges knowledge that they probably wouldn't talk about on the dance floor or out at a party. She soon realised how many people in her community had such interesting stories and subjects to share. And so PIP Talks was born, to bring community together to ignite passion.

Leah Cohen


Leah Cohen

With a background in sales, marketing, events and a bunch of entrepreneurial endeavors in between, Leah is a creative, big picture thinker who loves to bring people together through unique experiences. She has a passion for weaving together underlying themes to tell a story through her writing and event ideas, creating deeper meaning, bigger impact and stronger bonds that leave people feeling a sense of belonging, empowerment and inspiration.


Our purpose is to inspire and connect people through passion, and it is our mission to do so by living true to our values. We hope these values are embraced by each Talker, Listener and person who interacts with PIP. 



We connect as a community and make everyone feel part of the family. We are open with our networks, we invite people in and ensure everyone feels part of PIP. This is a communal effort and we leverage off of each others connections to help us all grow.


Authentic Expression

We speak from the heart, showing up with vulnerability and integrity through storytelling, sharing ideas and personal experiences. We engage our audience and create conversation and opportunity for others to ask, share and express themselves as well. 


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 PIP is about sharing ideas, topics and stories that are passionate and personal, and in doing so, igniting passion in others - creating sparks of inspiration that encourage people to connect with their own purpose, passion or story.   


Safe Space

We empower everyone to have a voice, ask questions, and share ideas or thoughts. As such, we create a safe and comfortable space for people to speak, listen and learn by practicing patience, tolerance, non-judgment and acceptance.

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Sydney, NSW

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