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The Road represents the journey we take you on. 

The Neon represents the uniqueness of each experience, the bright, inspirational and joyful path, full of colour, passion and excitement that you'll find working with us or attending our events.


 Our mission is to design unique experiences that inspire and connect people. We build community, and we exist to make an impact on those that journey with us.

Meet the Founders

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Leah Cohen

With a background in sales, marketing, events and a bunch of entrepreneurial endeavors in between, Leah is a creative, big picture thinker who loves to bring people together through unique experiences. She has a passion for weaving together underlying themes to tell a story through her writing and event ideas, creating deeper meaning, bigger impact and stronger bonds that leave people feeling a sense of belonging, empowerment and inspiration.

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Simone Cozens

A hair and make up artist by trade, Sim has a wealth of experience in the TV industry working on sets of popular reality TV Shows. She has an eye for detail and a flair for creativity, and is the queen of creating community. She's been all over the world and has been to  Burning Man six times, which is a big influence in her approach to events. She figured that if she could plan a theme camp in the middle of a remote desert from the other side of the world, running an events business in her home country was a walk in the park. 


Our purpose is to inspire and connect people, and it is our mission to do so by creating joy and community through immersive experiences. We aim to be a recognised and respected events company known for our unique and exceptional experience that create positive impact on our community. Neon Road Events prides itself on its positive attitude, fun work ethic and strong values. 

Sense of Community

We treat everyone as family and support our people wherever possible. Everyone belongs and is respected. We embrace collaboration and work together to make magic happen.

Creative Expression

We create an environment that fosters the freedom to think differently, communicate openly and pursue our passions. We value constructive feedback and cherish the art of story telling. 


We like to keep it real and engage only in pursuits that feel honest, authentic, and true to our values. and our vibe. We hold ourselves accountable and always act with integrity, fairness and compassion. 


We exist to bring joy to those who come  journey with us and have fun while doing it. We have a positive attitude and don't take ourselves too seriously. 


We aim to leave a positive footprint, whether that is through facilitating meaningful connections, inspiring and empowering people to participate and expand, or by giving back to the community. Every event is an opportunity to make a different in the lives of others.

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